Re-entry students, undergraduates 25 and older, may be returning to Berkeley to complete the undergraduate degree, transferring form another campus, or even beginning their undergraduate programs at Berkeley as first-year students. What adult learners bring to the university is arguably as important as what they gain from a Berkeley education. Make it your goal to actively integrate and infuse your enhanced life and processional experience into your academic pursuit.

Undergraduate Admissions Information

Berkeley uses the UC common application, so you only have to submit one application for any and all of the UC campuses. The application is available in October and the filing period is November 1-30. Please keep in mind that if you are unable to submit your application by the November 30 deadline, you must wait until the following November to apply.

Admissions requirements and an array of other helpful information is available through the UC Berkeley Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Student Interest Form for Admissions

Plan early and make use of resources such as your community college counselor,, and the Starting Point Mentorship Program.
Create a network of counselors and faculty who can provide guidance and support as you prepare to apply.
Prepare for your major. focus on excelling in classes required for breadth and major requirements as preparation for upper-division work in your intended major.
Don't give up on your dream even if you have a rough semester or year, strive to learn from circumstances that impacted your academics. Remain motivated and determined to use your life and professional skills to the best of your ability.
Explore funding opportunities through financial aid and the Scholarship Connection.