Transition Course

Independent Students in Higher Education: Re-entry Transition Course for Adult Learners (L&S 198)

The Re-entry Student Program offers a 1-unit P/NP transition course every Fall and Spring semester for first-year students seeking holistic support in navigating their first year at Cal. 

Fall 2024: 

Location: 82D of B North

L&S 198: One Unit – Pass/Not Pass

Students participate in this discussion-based forum to address specific issues adult learners often face during the transitional first semester at Cal. Course discussions and assignments are designed to coach students through the process of adjusting to academic life at Berkeley and all the complexities it entails. Through this class, students expand strategies for managing the demanding workload of this research university and build approaches for maximizing the opportunities available throughout campus that directly shape the quality of the re-entry student experience. This class affords the opportunity to network with other re-entry learners to build community and belonging. Many re-entry students note that this course was foundational for their success at Cal.

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