Success Counseling

The Re-entry Student Program recognizes that coming to Berkeley later in life can present a unique set of challenges.  Our staff works with each individual student to provide support and guidance when it comes to navigating the university and preparing for life after Cal.  Some things our counselors can help you with:

  • planning academics around personal goals and responsibilities
  • navigating campus resources
  • finding enrichment opportunities
  • exploring career options
  • managing extrenuating circumstances that may be impacting your progress
  • and more!

Schedule an appointment with us!

Appointments are offered either in-person or remote via Zoom based on the counselor's schedule.  Visit their booking pages for more information.

Please note:  appointments are only available to currently enrolled re-entry students at UC Berkeley.  If you are a prospective student, please refer to the Admissions page, view our resource guide or reach out to us with any additional questions at

Julio Gomez

Meet with Julio for the following:

  • new student advising
  • information about RSP services
  • general advising questions

Anna Hilke

Meet with Anna for the following:

  • information about RSP services
  • academic advising
  • general advising questions

Please note:  our student success counselors are not trained mental health therapists or undergraduate major academic advisors.  If you are seeking mental health services, please visit the university's Counseling & Psychological Services webpage.  If you are seeking academic advising or need to verify transfer units from another college, please consult an undergraduate major advisor by visiting your college's advising page.

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) Resource Spotlight: Let's Talk Drop-In Consultations

Let's Talk Drop-In Consultations are informal, brief, free consultations with UHS mental health counselors.

Learn more about the Let's Talk sessions by visiting their webpage.